December 19, 2014


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Request for Information for Health & Safety. The full request can be viewed here.

Educational Leaders from throughout the region gathered at NESC in Mountain Iron for Leadership Training!

Regional Communities of Practice: Effectively Implementing Teacher Development and Evaluation Plans

What are Regional Communities of Practice?

Regional Communities of Practice are being formed across the state by Minnesota’s service cooperatives and the Minnesota Department of Education. Each community of practice will be comprised of district leadership teams working together to implement their local teacher development and evaluation models. District teams will

  • Assess and improve local teacher development and evaluation activities.
  • Engage in collaborative activities and discussions, problem solve together, share successful practices, and learn from other teams.
  • Conduct continuous improvement cycles on their local teacher development and evaluation models throughout the school year.

    Who should attend?
  • Districts and charter schools are invited to send 3-5 leadership team members who are leading implementation of their locally developed teacher development and evaluation models. By joining a community of practice, members of leadership teams commit to attend all meetings (3-5 depending on region) and to leading follow up work between meetings in their schools and districts.

 Please select this link for further information and to register:

NESC Board Member Arlene Tucker was recognized for her outstanding service to NESC at the Annual Minnesota Service Cooperative conference in July. Arlene represents cities, counties and other governmental agencies on the Board.


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